quixotic_otaku (quixotic_otaku) wrote,

Angry Vagina is Angry

Yesterday had my annual physical then my second-to-last laser treatment.  If nothing else, it was the most unpainful pap I have ever had.  Now that I'm nearly 36, the Physician's Assistant said that I only have to get pap'ed every other year.  Yay for getting older and entering the chrone stage of my life?

So you know how you have one date with someone... then they disappear... then they contact you weeks later?  So Mr. Unemployed found the time to write back to me after I wrote to him over a couple weeks ago that I wasn't going to contact him anymore since he wasn't returning my emails and I didn't want to feel like a stalker.

I am sending back:
"I wasn't holding my breath.

I really could have done w/o this email--I kinda skimmed it."

I guess it's "nice" of him to write, to explain that he is trying to get together with someone he knew from some time ago... but it was like... get over yourself. 

Angry vagina says "HOO-HAH!"
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