quixotic_otaku (quixotic_otaku) wrote,

2009 Year End Reflections

Tough times in 2009:

living with Jaymie
supporting two people on my wages
finding out how  Jaymie betrayed me and fucked her own life over as well
breaking up with Jaymie
letting go of Jaymie
transitioning to a new supervisor at work
friends and loved ones under and unemployed
job application rejections
months of overdraft fees
unable to afford getting out of extended lease w/o renting to another

Good times in 2009:
Star Trek exhibit
Joe Reilly concerts
NINJA 2009
Walking around lake with uncle and cooking for him
Thanksgiving and Christmas with Emma's parents and my uncle
Phantom of the Opera
Cedar Point Halloweekend
Karaoke with bigdoug 
my birthday celebration at Tower Inn with hrhqod1 ,bigdoug ,thegreencall , Emma and my uncle
Michigan Rope Drills
Nutcracker ballet
Ravi Shankar and his daughter
RenFest (kinda sorta)
driving Emma's car
Tarot workshop
hrhqod1 's graduation
Jason and Jennifer's Wedding
Roller Derby with thegreencall  and blue_sky_48220 

Star Trek
Astro Boy
Twilight New Moon
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Welcome to Dongmakgol

What I look forward to in 2010
Continuing my spiritual practice
Incorporating more balance into my life
Improving my psychological health
greater wealth (not necessarily monetary)
possibly joining Toastmasters
Learning to play drums on Rockband
Applying for jobs weekly that are within commuting distance from the Ypsi-Arbor area with the government or in higher education
Better financial control and improving my credit
Giving more to organizations I believe in like my local NPR station, HIV and AIDS Resource Center, Gay and (Lesbian Task Force, National Center for Transgender Equality, wildlife and environmental conservation, and the Michigan Theater.
More reading for pleasure and nature walks
Oil wrestling with Emma-chan

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